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if you listen k-pop)

What do you think about korean-pop music?



It's amazing, I am a big fan of Kpop music. I am fond of it! <3


Other than SM entertainment, that copies/borrows almost ALL its songs from other artists, i like it. 

YG, Pledis, Woollim, and CUBE are my top favorite companies though. 

I like it so much, i do like big bang.
For me, it's the best boyband there! :D


I love K-Pop! <3 And I'm Korean! :)

I like it <3 ^^!

lately, they sound the same to me. Still, there are so many gorg OFFAS to go gaga over <3 

I like k-pop very much!And I like the stars in SM entertainment most.I am a big fan of EXO.But I am not crazy.I think maybe I just like music and dancing.Because I had learnt dancing for at least 8 years.

i like it just not as much as j-rock and j-pop

me too ^ i love j rock :D i like kpop too

I am not sure I love k-pop. But my sister is a big fan of them.

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