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what are you willing to die for?

What are you willing to die for? faith? familiy? love?



I do not know,maybe something I care about,but now I do not know what they are.Life is amazing,you never know what will happen.

    Humanitarian duty is one of important  Basics of faith in Allah. bence, ِAllahpersuades us to love people and nature around us. A love of family (mother, father, wife, etc.) is a part of, keeping them to be safe is kind of faith in Allah. 

  The family and love are  most some  important things what we have. Allah allows us to die 

 for keeping people to be safe safe. it is one of important things what we have.

   In conclusion, our ralationship with  family , love , people and Nature around us (animal and Plants) are part of faith of Allah. for faith, I will die.

of course, my family - - that's all what I have.

i love my family most so i choose family.


Well, in truth, I can die for the people who I appeciate

I haven't found anything I'm willing to die for yet.

Dont thing how to die or for what. Try to prevent it and safe your friends and family.

Hmm... If you will ask me now.. I would answer i would not die for anything but when that time comes and I have to make a choice perhaps or Surely I will give up my life for this three things. Faith, love and family.

As a health care provider, I am wiling to sacrifice in the hospital to in order to support my patients. No matter how awful or terrifying the disease is. I am willing to fight with my patients together till the last minute. That's my job and my responsibility.

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