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Hi! I'm looking for a serious language exchange partner(s). My English for your Chinese. :)


Hi, I want to find a native Chinese speaker looking for language exchange a few times a week.  I am from America and teach English in Chengdu, China.  My Chinese is somewhat basic: I know many basic words, but have a hard time forming sentences.  I need more foundation.  I can usually exchange language during the night hours, China time, so I am looking for someone with similar availability.

If you are interested, please message me with a short introduction and your skype or qq number. :)



i want to be your partner,but my english is not good if it's no matter you can contact with me. my skype is xiaoyushizuku

hi jason,i am a native chinese speaker and i live in chengdu .i'd love to exchange language with you,because my english not so well,if you are interested i can give you my QQnumber:402597606.have a good day.

my qq: 1656301952


Hi, Jason. I have learned English about 4-5 years. But now I am so frustrated as I don't know how to get further developement in English. I am looking for a partener to exchange the languages on fixed time, once or twice per week.


I know how to make the time more effective. I am looking for someone who will prepare and practice language seriously. I like to choose a issue before the next meeting. I like to talk about culture, religion, politcs and so on.


Although I studied in the UK for three years, it was not easy to improve my English, especially oral English. I never abandon looking for the suitable approach to study English. 


Rerally hope we can help each other, and my skype is txm_dd.




i'd like to be your partner .i want to practise English and i can help u to prove your Chinese .i live in Mianyang .do u know Mianyang ?It's a city nearest Chengdu .sometimes i go to Chengdu to meet my friends.Maybe we can meet and become good friends .my QQ :1781219637

i'm sorry ...i mean "improve ",please forgive a foreigner :)

Hi, my name is Tina. I'am a native chiese who born in Beijing. I speak mandarin no accent. I've studied Enlish for 4 years. Now, I want to find a few partners for language exchange. If you want to be a partener with me, please addition to my QQ. and I will be very pleasure to meet you!

QQ number:1287934933

Hi Jason, I don't know if you've found a partner or a suitable partner. If you haven't, maybe we can learn from each other.


I am a Chinese working in a multinational American tech company in Chengdu, I think my english capacity is ok except for speaking for there are not many chances for me to speak it. I want to practise and improve my oral English and would love to help you with your Chinese.





You couldn't find a partner from school in ChengDu? I'm curious...

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