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The possibility of WW III?

Hello, there!

1) I've been watching news and there is a lot of about tension between North Korea and South Korea/USA. It made me think about possibility of war and not excatly between the Koreas, but in general. What do you think: is World War III is possible?


2) The second thought was about nuclear technology. Invention of nuclear technology brought human race the benefits like energy/power, but it also brought nuclear weapon which is grave danger in wrong hands. Do you think that the nuclear technology will draw nearer the end of human race?


(did want to sound too pessimistic :-)) just sharing some thoughts)

Have a nice weekend!



I dont know why war was produced. I think North korea catch USA reaction to be a model.

So it is hard to believe that is true but I think 911 let USA has a lesson. The leader of north korea make charming feature. I think that may be a cause that he does want to see white like blode boy. He will be killed by north korean If you see north korea drive crazy for him as handsome man

so he may start war. I think they are not like USA soldier will do some control on fighting that is a burden actually. That is why north krean so terrible, They will kill a chick by heavy weapon.

I suggest you to read or watch the japanese amine, It starts from a novel. It bring up that the classical and ancient judgement that has to be thought on political affairs or starting from Niccolò Machiavelli. Sometimes I have a wish to run through it to see what happened. Is that real judgement that we have to choose without other choice?

i think we still have plenty of time before third world war ...
not only nuclear weapons can begin a world war .. but i think we are waiting for other challenging powerful unions can compete the current superior unions !!
That's all !!

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