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who mastery more than three languages??

if any one have more than 3 languages it's probably 

to be more Cultured because he want to know more from others for me i have two

languages french & english just all  

but culture isn't to know language but to know how others think also and how they live




well, ai can seak English, Indonesian, Javanese.


sorry, I'm wrong. Not ai but I.

good but you should know culure of this countries

Taiwanese Chinese English

By learning the language you inevitably learn the culture. Language is a key to a new door to a fascinating world like in the Hall from 'Alice in Wonderland'. 'To master' a language you need more than just to know a few lines and write a sentence like 'I have a cat'. That does not mean you know the language, ask yourself if you are woken in the middle of the night and asked a question in the different from your native language, will you be able to respond using that language? ;) I can't say I have mastered ANY languages I know (even my native Russian), in fact, I know English structurally better than Russian, but I can 'feel' Russian better.... I am not talking about Chinese, as I don't know it, I can speak very very basic :)

My native is Lithuanian, Russian and Polish and now I am learning English and last year started Deutsch:)


P.S. I am 17


if you must have Self-confidence to learn more than three languages

I totally agree with Katya. Speaking a foreign language is the main way to keep easily in touch with people from abroad. Learning a language is enjoyable but discover a new culture is the best.

Just talking about the topic, I think people who live in countries where more languages are spoken, can get very well those idioms because they grow up with them, I mean at school, in the family and in the daily life. Think about e.g. Quebec in Canada (French and English) and South Africa (English, Afrikans).


yes Alexit but not just to know foreing language but to know also culture of others 

Moulay, do you mean I can learn more languages? :)) Thank you for your suggestion, I will probably, when retired. ;)

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