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Do you know the story of YuKong who comes from (愚公移山)?

I have a trouble in transfering the story about how Yukong moved the mountains,has anyone knows about it? Is there anyone who can help me?



Long long a ago ,lived a Foolish(solid) Old Man ,named YU GONG ,whose house was blocked by two big mountains , he was determined to move the two mountains away from his house ,then a "smart" wise old man laughed at him ,thinging his action was crazy and silly. Yu Gong said: "I die ,but i have a son, my son die ,he has his son , my children and grandchildren are endless, two mountains will eventually chipping." his words touched the Emperor of Heaven(like your god), he orders Hercules’s(a man who is very powerful) two sons(hercule's sons maybe powerful too)moved away  those mountains. Metaphor there is a will ,there is a way.

NO ..... I don't know this story, but why not make up a new story?

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