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Opa and Ba2a

Hello - please could someone explain to me the meanings of these two words in Egyptian Arabic..  Opa and Ba2a.





hi emma,first i wanna ask you if you are sure that this is Egyptian Arabic

i`m from syria and People in Aleppo say opa when they are angry from someone 

and about ba2a it`s Depends on the Pronunciation 

so i don`t know if i Helped I hope so

Hi thanks for your reply!  Yes, I'm sure it's Egyptian...  opa I think means cool, or that's nice but I just wanted to check.  Ba2a I have no idea!  

Hi emma iam ahmed from egypt
Opa and b2a it's anew language called franco language that show arabic word was written by english letters with some differents by adding numbers
2 mean ء
3mean ع
4 mean ش
5 mean خ
6 mean ط
7 mean ح
8 mean غ

opa alone mean aww ,opps or when afriend was embarissed and you said opa in english

b2a alone mean yeaaaaaah in english 

and opa b2a mean aw right or when u saw friend achieve something that was cool u said opa b2a


That's great!  Thanks so much for your help!  



Well these 2 words are really difficult to explain.. But let me Try


We say "opa" when something strange happen or if u forgot something and suddenly remember it.. we also use "ay" for the same meaning


While "Ba2a" is used at the end of setences which we are some how angry about it.. I mean Like we could say "off b2a" (Which we say when we don't want to make something).. Actually it doesnt have a Meaning but we use it between words.. Let me give u an Example "mageteesh badry leeh b2a" and this mean why didint u come early as u said to me and we dont want an answer for it.. without b2a it will seem like a question which is why didin't u come early (and this means ur waiting for an answer)


I Hope this helped.. I can also Help u with Egyptian or Standard Arabic.. U can just add me on Skype saraeissa_languages

So what would aiwa ba2a mean please?  thanks!

nice now you have what you need darlin`

We say "Aywa ba2a" when something exciting happens. Let me show you an example, me:and finally he asked me out......My friend: Aywa ba2a *excited voice tone*.................It still don't have a specific meaning, but we use it in sitiouations like the mentioned one :)

for opa it is like oh my god but somewhat exciting and for b2a it doesn't really have a meaning like keda 

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