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Does anyone speak neapolitan? I have a friend who is looking to learn

Does anyone speak Neapolitan?


Or does anyone know anyone who speaks neapolitan?



Hi Sam Bleakly


I am Neapolitan I know the neaplitan dialect....I am willing to meet him



Hi Sam! I'm Angelo and i'm Neapolitana and i speak also the Neapolitan dialect! I could teach you and you could help me to improve my English :-) bye bye! I thought it was a kind of ice cream that had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry...... my bad.

Hi Guys, that's awesome!  I'll add both of you and private message you.


Hi Sam! I can help with the Neapolitan dialect! I grew up in Salerno, close to Naples, so I can speak Neapolitan and would be very glad to help! :) 

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