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Hi! I'm looking for a 【German】speaking partner(s). And my native language is 【Chinese】.

I just start to learn German, begin with A,B,C,D and their pronunciations.


I graduated from school half a year ago, and then I got a job in a sports company. As my major was about sports medicine, my job was to provide medical service in sports events. Our staff served marathon, car rally and motorcyle matches for this half year.


I found a great joy in this job. But I need to enhance my professional foreign language, as well as pratical knowledges and experiences. Then I got to know sports medicine was well developed in Germany. So I felt very desire to study sports medicine in Germany and gain work experiences of serving sports events there for more. The first step I think, is to kick off the language barrier.


I have no idea about German now, but I am able to speak a little English. I have chosen some teaching materials already for the basic and now still need a German speaking partner(s) who will kindly help me with pronunciation. 1 time for a week is good enough. If there is time differece, on weekend will be better.

My native language is Chinese and I know a bit about Chinese traditional medicine. Because of being engaged in different events,I am familiar with thses cities, Changsha(长沙). Shenyang(沈阳), Tianjin(天津), Beijing(北京), Guangzhou(Canton,广州), and now I'm in Hangzhou(杭州). I will be very glad if you need my help.



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