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Have u ever faced culture shock while contacting people of other countries?

Tell us about it!




Tell us the whole story :D

not yet :)

موضوعك بطل انتي علمنيا قد واجهتك صدمة هههههههههههههه

Yes, In the United States. I'm middle eastern and it was very different on how the lifestyle, fashion, food, etc. And i have some examples...

- Some aspects of fashion are found to be quite shocking; in particular, pajamas and flip-flops during the winter season in Northern states with lots of snow in winter, or even at School, college, etc.

- I found it shocking that many American students do not know some basic geography, or most of them  would confuse China, Japan, south/north Korea, etc.

-You will also notice gay people live openly without fear and are proud of their sexuality. This is in contrast to some other countries where you can face the death penalty for being gay.

-You will also discover that most people here work extremely hard. It is almost the norm to have students work part-time while taking full-time course load at college. In many other countries, students just study and don't have to work while in school.

- One great thing you will discover is that there are people from all over the world in America. You will be surprised to find people who were once enemies in their home country becoming friends in this country. That's the great magic of America.

Yes, I did as well. I was shocked when I came across with an article about Afghanistan's old tradition where child marriage is not forbidden and moreover homosexuality between men and boy-children is not forbidden also, and peopel do that freely without any justice. It was really shocking fact for me.:/

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