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my mother and computer

Today I teach my mother how to use computer. My "lesson"  lasts one hour.  All that she can do now is how to switch on the computer) haha I'm bad teacher! 



Hi Julia,

  You described what happened in the past --- so please use the past tense.


Today [in the past] I taught my Mother.

My lessson [in the past] lasted for one hour.




That's first step for your mother. It's good.:) My mother knows how to start and shut down a coumputer and she can use one game now. I'll teach her about internet someday but it's gonna be hard. 

are you patient? because with my mom it's impossible... :(

After rephrased/correction:-


Today I taught my mother about how to use computer. My "lesson" last for one hour. All that she can do now is how to switch on  computer) haha I'm bad teacher!


Well, Think when you were onyour childhoold and when she started to teach you lessons!!



I'm very proud of my Mother, because last week she finished a computer course. She is 58 years old. Every weekend I visited her and we learnt together. There were harder and easier moments, but finally we solved all of the difficulties. I hope some of the new knowledge keep her mind and in everyday usage she will remember a couple of things. :))))

Hi julia


i tried many times to teach at my parents the computer's use..... It has been very hard...but after a lot of lessons, they aren't able to switch on it.....The same thing happens with the phones

I taught my mom how to play games, how to use facebook and twitter, and how to edit photos but I forgot to teach her how to turn on and turn off the computer, if no one is around she cant use the computer.

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