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A database or wiki to share subtitled tv ads, movies, interviews, etc..?

The other day, an italki member asked about whether anyone happens to know about some good websites with subtitled movies, video clips, etc.. At that time, I couldn't remember the name of a website which I had stumbled upon a few years ago. But, I found it by chance this morning. The website is . However, it is no longer free (some of the stuff is, but not all of it) and while you are watching a free video, windows will pop up asking for registration. Still, it is a useful reference. Now, my question is: given the fact that italki is such a large and versatile network of users from all over the world, isn't it possible to start a collaborative project in the form of a wiki or something similar where native speakers would volunteer to transcribe a short ad, a short interview, a song , etc..? The result will be a database of short subtitled videos that can be used to enhance the learining of languages (useful for both students and teachers). Of course, there are subtitled movies out there, but the focus will be on authentic videos that represent real language situations (interviews, recipes, songs, directions, etc..). What do you think? Do you think it is feasible? are there any limitations or obstacles that I didn't think of? Do you have any more suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read this and even more thanks for leaving a comment :)




I've suggested this website before on iTalki for learning American accented English.  It is authentic, funny and updated for free every week.  It has everything you need to learn normal conversational English.  I personally listen to it for fun.


By the way, on my discussion, Richard made this suggestion, which is precisely what I find as useful in Chinese:  (Thank you Richard!)

@ tgif and elena_esp: I really appreciate that you took the time to read and leave a comment and most importantly, thank you for the links! I've just checked them and they are great! I bookmarked three of them for later use. I wish I had started this discussion much earlier :)

Hi Richard, I've been checking and I have signed up because I need it to access the subtiltles:  This is also another interesting website. Thank you for sharing :)

By the way: Are you the same Richard that tgif mentioned in his comment?

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