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The Topic of the poem

Anybody be interested in Chinese ancient poetry? A fanciful one here.





Try to understand the poem then comprehend the meaning of it,and you would get the title on your own,even though have never seen it before.



Do Chinese poems have rhymes, like AABB or ABAB?


Minimalist and uninspired and based on a small sample,a form based on a quatrain of 5-syllables; but as Olga asks, I am interested in the rhythm and how it scans; how does one read aloud a poem of DuFu? 老鬼


Of course,they have rhymes,olga.


The topic is "the picture".After you got the meaning of the peom,may thought the topic is the splendiferous answer to summerize the whole peom.By wangwei(王维).

Olga,see this.

yuan kan shan you se,

jin ting shui wu sheng.

chun qu hua hai zai,

ren lai niao bu jing.

The last one rhyme,in each sentence,has the same tone.Only five tones in Chinese.when you read with the correct rhyme,on pronunciation,then you may caught hold of it by yourself.This is the simplest explaining of rhyme problems you asked.Too much complicacy you may face on,and I cannot give you enough explications due to my low level in English.

Focus on the MEANING of the peom.

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