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Movie 'Amelie'

We are taking different movies to watch and discuss, what we like, what we don't like in them. You might have some cultural question like 'what is marshmallow'? We are happy to help with explanations!

This time you are invited to participate in the discussion of the movie 'Amelie'. This movie is made in French with English subtitles, I suggest to pause and read, note new words and expressions!


The link to the full movie:

I have some questions for your consideration while watching:

1. What are three things you like? (note how Amelie tells about her family and coworkers)

2. What are three things you don't like?

3. Do you think children tend to take any of your words very seriously? (the episode with the camera in the movie)

4. Do you like Amelie's idea to search for the owner of the box? Why?

5. What are historical moments mentioned in the movie? (watch Amelie's TV carefully!)




Oh... I should watch 'Amelie' again. I can't answer anything. :$

Shaimaa, I think the movie club should be about 'details' in the movie as well as what we can take out of it: new words, history, culture etc. We have a great chance to ask questions here about French culture! ;)

I am burning the cd to my pc now. I really like the movie.

I like her just to pay attention to background of movie and I like her injecting her fingers to a package of grain. I like her to revenge her neighbor.

I dont like a girl imiated her in reality. It is hurtfull really, It produced stream of consciousness.

I am burning ROUGE too but I have not seen it yet. I read info

Perhaps it is the same reason, She recall the memory of owner of box to remind him of beautiful life.


Didi, I absolutely agree about the revenge to the neighbour! It served him right to tell fibs to the little girl who believed him and was so much distressed afterwards! How the neighbour was angry! Love this moment, absolutely adorable!

Didi, what are the little things you like to do? Like Amelie - put the fingers into the sack with grain or break the creme brulee...

My little things likings are 1. the aroma of freshly grinded coffee. 2. I like when I finish to practise my guitar, the fingers hurt a bit. 3. I like to watch the sky. My dislikes: 1. Can't stand the smell of subway cafe. 2. unshaved men 3. people biting their nails.



Actually, I was a person who often pay attention to big events but I forget what make me to pay attention to small things and getting to feel that is interested. I think piano make me like that. I always expected some grace notes on Mozart's music. You know music on classical period have almost the same form. Those grace notes make music more fun. No wander Beethoven crush it to romantic that is a bunch of flowers.

As if Amelie told that blind person about detail on the street. Many little things make beautiful sights.

Another thing is that I like to touch my old pillow. I think that is nature as cat would use her feet to massage.

So I think the mood would move to many affairs. I seem to become a bored person compare with local people. They would punch me impatient but I found as Amelie revenge for that cute stallman.

She changed many little things in his house that made him crazy.

I think that is french habit sometimes, Perhaps that is the cause American usually make fun of them.

So the movie more or less show different philosophical tendency.

I will definitely have to do the rewatch sometime soon. Sorry I joined you guys so late here, I had to jump accross bunch of pages on the last discussion to see the link that sent me here. Thanks to italki ! No comments.


I also adored what she did to her neighbour, nothing bad, no bigger harm, just a little driving nuts. I also liked her romantic spirit, playing as the matchmaker for her co-worker, I used to do that with friends jeje.

I didn't like that the guy was working in a sex shop, I mean, I don't see the need of this in the movie. I would have liked it more if he was making his aliving somewhere else. In that same sense, I was also put off by the scene where she is just smiling during the act, looked like she was doing some work, not having an intimate relationship. In general, I don't like when these things are portrayed this lightly way in movies. But her quest for the unknown guy do makes me say kudos to her imaginative and at times innocent way of attracting approaching a love interest. :)))) 

Katya, my little things: # 1. I like to eat sugar sometimes with a spoon directly from the jar, I do that since kid behind my mom's back, she's never allowed me to do that but I just like plain sugar, just like that, # 2. I like to sleep hugging a pillow with both arms and legs and # 3. I like wearing purple, it can easily make my day :)

I dislike to do: I can't read while moving, I get dizzy and I really don't like it, it's a weird dizziness. I don't like people who weep their feet while walking, as if they too lazy to walk properly. I also dislike when people talk too loud without a reason as if they want everyone to hear them, I just dislike it but can stand it, jeje. :)))


Did, don't you think that life consists of 'little things' which make 'big things'? If you don't pay attention to details, what can you achieve in a broad spectrum? I think in the beginning Amelie was curious about that treasure herself. It would make HER life a bit not that boring if she investigates the forgotten box case. And when you are involved, you are involved.... :)

Irma, you are never late, ladies are never late.... :) Honestly, I can add more to the list I don't like when... I don't like when people talk to you and then stand up without any warning saying 'I am leaving'. What does it mean? Have I bored you? Have I been rude? Are you in a hurry? :))))) You know when I was a kid, I liked (very naughty) to bite with my canines little holes in the quilts (mom was not happy that her quilts were getting torn, she thought it was because of the bleach she used :))))))


@Katya. Actually, I said the experience that has many feels in it. It is like I marjed on law but I found what law describes that can not describe every little things. I accepted it frist then I found there are huge stuffs running actually but it seem that have to describe, Rome system just clean it up very well.

Of cause I met some obstacles going down in this way and I found law in chinese, The chinese word's meaning is music actually. Chinese has a though is that use music to train culture.

Others, it is like my position's view of being colonized between the view of western and eastern.

humm..I did not what is westerners nature. but I was getting to realize it on the path. I meant I went out from the law tower. I treasure every little things I pass by too but I think that does not mean I dont know those little things. Just have another conscious to see it.

I like music from audience too but I know fans has another explanation they also argue about it too.

But I know there are another explanation from musician too. It is funny actually,

Others..I dont know how to say actually. Walking randomly may see different views:)


@Katya, I can sympathize with your Mother's feelings :D and I wonder how did your teeth look when you were a kid! I couldn't bite the quilt at all, let alone make a hole in it. It gives me shivers, that would be one of the things I can't stand jajaja. I'm looking forward to know about Sho's little things, aren't you? :)))

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