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Practice spoken English (for free)


Hello guys, 

I'm looking for the best way to practice my spoken English. I tried a well-known website called Verbling but it didn't turn out well. I've tried to access through different browsers but I can't communicate with people. Moreover, it's necessary to use webcam.

I've also tried skype community forums (learn languages) but unfortunately people are very shy or just want to learn exotic languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese and so on. People willing to practice in English are beginner or with a strong accent.

I've also tried websites such as sharedtalk or mylanguagexchange but the same situation as I explained above.

I've been very active replying to posts and creating new ones but I didn't receive many satisfactory answers.

I would like to know if there is a good way to practise spoken English by website or by Skype.

Thanks in advance.




























I experienced the same, but the verbling is very useful, I think. I learnt lot of things, and way to how speak better, or how say something correctly. I had a speaking partner, but she was unreliable, and she disappeared from a day to another...? Since then I'm looking for speaking partner, but it is hard to find. So I have no idea...

By the way, do you know this site: (it is also free).

You have good english therefore I want to ask you a couple of questions. Where did you study one? What system did you use? How long have you studied it? I can't learn it. Maybe I weird, maybe I'm going on wrong way.

it's very difficult learn english ,if you don't have some help,

@Rita Yes I've used conversationexchange but I didn't get much feedback of it.

@Milana I try to be in contact with English on a daily basis. 

@Ayka Yes, it is. 





I'm a native English speaker... I can help you.

I have the same problem with you.My writting-hand English is good,but spoken English is just so so.I need some native speakers to improve my spoken English.

I daydream of an impromtu game with video chatting.

Or at least some way for us to organise a group chat.


I once heard of oovoo chat. Has anyone tried it?

I am beginner in English. And I dont like you to think that we dont deserve attention.If you so important and cool person and dont like to talk with beginners  you can try to look for native speakers.

@thatrobertguy That would be great :)

@Hyacinth Yes, that would be great, but sometimes a non-native speaker with a good mastery of the language it's also ok. 

@Tracy I've never heard about oovoo. I'll check it out.

@Odri I didn't intend to be rude. I want to talk on advanced topics or more "difficult" ones and I can't talk about that with a beginner.







Hi Again!


I have a good news, I found a new speaking partner and I would like to share with you the site: livemocha.


Good luck!




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