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Which one do you prefer, Beautiful Wife or Kind Wife but Ugly?

Do you prefer a very very beautiful wife without any respect and love or the ugly one with love???



beautiful with respect and love

If these were my only two choices, I would prefer to stay single.

The kind one but ugly, i think that the ugly one is not to be familiar, and not too sexy, she won't interest the other, you can have her 4ever.

I think female has the same heart. Perhaps ugly female would have hatred that make her more ugly.

Beautiful female may be kind too. For ugly female, I allowed to be broken my prejudiced view to create their own beauty.

Here’s one humorous point of view:





Neither :D

There are so many beautiful and kind women in this world! Why should I choose between these two?! ))

I would choose ugly face... because face can be changed through modern technologies or any beauty products however attitude is very hard to change....

When u want to choose your wife you  should  look to her heart , ethics , how much you  feel comfortable with her , how much she  love  u ,  how much she  can be  good  wife  and  how much u miss her or she  miss u    .    if u find this  girl u should  not  Cares if she  ugly or no only u should think  this girl will make  my life better .

both of them are important  but as you know

1behave and attitude is more important than the ugliness

2 face and beauty changes by passing a time but changin a attitite is very hard


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