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Where and when will you go if the time machine really works?

Assuming the time machine works, which takes you anywhere anytime.

If you have a chance to take this time machine?

Where would you like to go? And when(Going back to acient time, or anytime in the future?)

What are you going to do at that time?



I would go to the year 3,000. Maybe by that time, human beings will have migrated to other planets.


Also, by 3,000 maybe there will be better, easier, and more effective ways to treat diseases. So maybe human beings will live to at least 100 years of age.


By 3,000, maybe human beings will have "invented" an


 economic system in which everyone has a nice standard of living. There will be no super rich people and no super poor people.


And maybe by 3,000, there will be no more wars. And no more crime.  



i want to go at where first "Windows" was built. and buy it for my self. then save it till my grandchild was born.

If given a chance. I want to go back when God made the earth or in the time of Jesus.

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