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Who would you believe?

One late night, you are up in your bedroom when you hear your mom calling you downstairs. You are halfway down the staircase when all of a sudden, you see your mom in front of her bedroom door, terrified, she whispers, ‘Don’t go downstairs. I heard her, too.’

Who do you believe?





that is great terrified story! 

No... You're ruining the story :'(. I was just asking who you would believe was your mom...!

My God and My Feeling. whose your choice, it's depending to your heart.

Bring your mom which is in front of the her bedroom downstair and let ur two mom face each other to know who is the real one..


I would believe only myself thinking that I need to figure what's going on and if it would keep happening all crazyness blowing my mind I would think I'm mad and I need help. As such I wouldn't judge since it would mean that I'm dreaming, or hearing things that don't exist, or seeing things that don't exist. When you're crazy you can't know what fools you. Your ears, eyes, dreams. Well you know just one thing: your mind fools you and maybe not even that.

It could also be miss-judgement. That would be probably first thing to come to my mind since assuming in own crazyness doesn't seem like natural first instinct. Maybe you figure out that someone made prank pre-recording your mum and setting all up. Or perhaps you heard neigbour's voice similar to your mum.

In doubtful situations I doubt what the truth is. So I don't let decision fool me before exploring facts. With possible lack of facts I just let more reasonable options to be possible in my mind.

I'd probably believe the 'mum' i could see, but I'd be curious and investigate the mysterious voice anyway. Maybe accompanied by a baseball bat or something.

wow! this happened to you?

No no, this didn't happen to me. I found this on the internet and I think it was pretty interesting and I was wondering what others thought about it.


I'd believe the mom in front of the bedroom door, because why would she call me all of a sudden when I am in my bed? Doesn't really make sense, does it :S? So I think the 'mom' downstairs is the evil one.

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