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Internet & Text Message Slang


Great website for translation:


What do you think of the use of slang in internet and text communication?


Here are some examples:

At the moment atm
Be right back brb
Be back later bbl
Be back soon bbs
Because cuz, bcuz, bcz, bcos, bc, cos, coz or bcoz
Best friend or Boy friend bf or b/f
Best friend(s) for life bffl
Best friend(s) forever bff
Between btwn
By the way btw
Comment me back cmb (usually used for social networking sites)
Definitely def
Don't worry dw
Forever 4eva or 4evr
For your information fyi
Girl friend gf
Got to go g2g or gtg
Hold on hld on or h/o
Homework hw, hwk or hmwk
How are you hru
I don't care idc
I don't know idk
I do what I want idwiw
I love you ily, luv u, ilu, luv ya, or i <3 u
In my opinion imo
In my humble opinion imho
Jokes jks
Just for laughs jfl
Just joking jj
Just kidding jk




Need to protect


Need to protect?  I don't know that one :) Sorry!!


thank you for the link :) Sometimes people use such kind of messages and.................oh, it's too hard to understand them :) But now it'll be easier :)

Thank you Niki, that's very useful! :)

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