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what will you do if someone tells you lie?

what will you do when someone tells you lie and you know that he/she is lying?



You need to advice

I smile and  learn how to recognize that he is lying!

u can start cry then he/she Believe u ;)

to be frank i just lisen to him/her

but i realize who that is in my own



I just go along with him/her, because liars always be liars and many of them are not willing to tackle the truth.

Sometimes  lie can be necessary, can not it?

if the person is important, i will tell her/him. if not i will just listen.

actually for me it's not shocking anymore.if i come across a liar, I'll tell to myself s/he is just another one.

Depends on how big the lie is. If I hear a lie and it is something insignificant I usually ignore it. For example, if somebody is boasting and I know it is not true (very common in Russia) I pretend I believe it and laugh to myself (haha it is so funny at times). If the lie is big and the situation is calling for honesty, I'd probably cut all the relations with the person. Normally I do not associate with hypocrites and liars.

sneer and sneer

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