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Jeg ønsker å lære norsk.

Jeg er fra Kina og god i aksent og kan skrive godt kinesisk tekst.

Når bor jeg i Narvik og studere norsk. Snart vil jeg ta en viktig eksammen, men jeg er svak i lytting og samtale. Jeg håper at det er noen kan øve med meg. Samtidlig kan jeg lære deg kinesisk.



Bergenstesten? Good luck!!


I wish my Norwegian could be at your level soon....

Thank you. It's not bergentest, it's norskprøve 2,3.

My Norwegian is not good yet, I am worried about it...

Well, at least you are preparing for an exam now! I will attend a beginner's course probably this summer. At the moment I am learning it at a leisurely pace. I feel furestrated when watching TV though, even with the subtitles on, I can hardly understand anything. I just imitate the people on TV and making funny noises :D


I think it's better if you can learn it at a leisurely pace, that's exactly what I want...Interest are best teacher, I feel school sometimes destory my interests to the language.

Take it easy, good luck!

Maybe because you are doing the exam preparation course. I remember I had so much fun while doing General English, but after I transfered to IELTS prepration course, it bored me to death!!


I need to push myself a bit on learnring Norwegian though. Do need to find a job here at some point, and that's the reality that I have to face :(

Yes. And the teachers here are just like the teachers in primary school...


However, it's better if you push a little, we have to deal with the reality first:)


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