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Touristic Places of Belarus

I plan to make a trip to Belarus towards summer. Can anyone recommend me some places/cities to visit?

I read some comments about some famous landmarks and many people tend to believe that some of them are a bit overrated. Thus I would like to know opinions of local people.



Great answer! Thank you very much :)
I am especially interested in historical places. We can talk on skype. I will add you now.


I recommend you to visit Grodno (the city in the West part of Belarus). This city is unique for its gorgeous view, variety of castles, catholic and orthodox churches. Moreover, the city is too tolerant: catholic and orthodox Cristians, Jewish live there in a peace. Not to mention, that the best zoo in Belarus is also set up there. Grodno has an European look with very kind and helpful people! You are welcome in the city of my childhood...:)



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