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How to battle loneliness?

When the BF or mom isn't with me, loneliness KILLS~~ Of course, with the massive amount of school work and Internet shopping, I can get by okay most of the time. However, I often wonder how people could live alone (I know everyone needs his/her own space at times) for a prolonged period of time?



it's simply, speak to your second-self or get some animals so raise, so u can't feel alone anymore.

you can find a rich man 

Where did the whole rich man thing come from?? Totally irrelevant -_-...

I would love to tell full explanation but it would be too extensive. Basically you need new person in you. Person who is independent of who you are when bf and mom is with you. What would you be doing if you wouldn't had them? I'm sure you would find something to do. Try think from start what does make you happy. Bf and mum sure means a lot, can mean meaning of life but that can't be your full personality?  Be creative, try something new. Try to dance, sing go out just because it is beautiful sight outside, because sun is shining so bright, go to park because there are animals or puppies around, be happy of little things. Sure big things like bf and mum means a lot but, life is not just about big things. Did you ever tried to draw? did you ever wrote a poem or short story? did you ever talked with homeless guy, giving him warm words instead of money? did you ever volunteer helping society? When is the last time you visited your schoolmate or ex schoolmate that you have/had so much fun in school with?


And yes that is short version :)


meeeeeee! i have a cat, i watch the big bang theory...i skype with some ppl.texting on my phone, i check my website :)) etc

find ur soulmate :) 
then the life would have diffrent meaning 

BF is my soulmate

A puppy sounds amazing. However, I have no time to take care of pets, for I am a full time graduate student working two part time jobs. Also, I'm constantly in meetings for competitions for my school. Therefore, that's not feasible. Also, I hate cleaning up their doodoos...

Just get as busy as possible!

Don't hide the fact you feel lonely, because it will become anxiety. Instead, just hang around with friends and meet new people, try new foods, explore new areas, Dress up even if there is nowhere to go, and Turn Off The Damn Tv/Hulu/Netflix/Facebook lol. And volunteer! ^^

In my opinion, One need to learn to be alone. Because in your life you can not have all your friends and families around you all the time. As it for me, I choose to  foster a hobbie that can do just by myself such as playing musical instrument, collecting, reading. And through this you definitly can get inner peace and joy.

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