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How to use words in your sentences

I am often not sure which word will be  suitable used in a sentence and how to  solve it?



Many sentences depends on context, or are so called "phrases". Examples:

1. Context example

Fix also has the alternate meaning "attach" or "secure". This is used with things. For example, "He fixed the poles into the wet cement"


So while you can about always or always use "fix" for "attach", you can't always use "attach" for "fix" as "fix" can mean a lot more things that just "attach."

You can say I fixed computer. But you can't say I "attached" the computer. As it doesn't really makes sense. 


2. One of phrases is: "learn by heart" which means "to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking; to memorize something"(

It has nothing to do with heart even thought it has that word.


So yes you need learn contexts from various situations and also phrases. Don't worry, it is not as hard as it seems. You just need practice. Ask on italki for examples you encounter, for doubts that goes on your mind for different words and phrases. And you will learn it and be happy when use it. 


It is not just English, every language has contextual phrasal specialities/features. I'm sure even in Chinese language you got many. If you love learning language, if you really desire learning it won't stop you. And trough new language you will slowly start to experience new way of thinking, new freedom of thoughts. You will see. It is great.


My suggestion is to learn word combinations, not separate words.

LOl nearly 100 words use in my speaking=)

I got a lot benifits from above you.

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