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How to be good listener?

As you know Listening is an essential part of communication, and it is diffrent from can we change our hearing to listening? what is your idea?




woow so hard to answer it..^^


I think that you have to  take a genuine interest in what the other person is saying.


As you said, we hear the other person's voice, but we may not be listening to what s/he is actually saying.


They say that the most successful people in the world are good listeners because (1) they learn a lot by carefully listening, and (2) they are often popular, for everybody likes someone who actually listens to him / her.

One English teacher has given me good advice. "When listening," he said, "try to concentrate on the content, not on the words". That is we should not pay too much attention to the spoken words trying not to miss any of them, but rather we should pay attention to the idea or thing that the speaking person is trying to convey. If we concentrate on words we can easily lose the idea, even if only one single word has got to be missing :-)

Thanks for your advices. Eugene:the way that you suggested is very useful to understand main object.

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