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What would you like to drink? Beer ? Wine ? Coffee ? Tea ? Milk ? Why?

For me , Hot tea Please ....



I prefer green tea with lemon. 

I can't see vodka on the menu! Why? :-))

No, no, I'm just kidding... cold red wine would be OK!

I love a wine in general.....When i eat the fish, i drink the white wine while when i am for the pub i drink a wine red but only Italian red wine.



I like coffee - it helps me to stay awake late at night while surfing the net or watching TV.

I like drink Coca-Cola =) Only Coca-Cola and black tea with lemon! Mmm... nice!

I like tea always ana sometimes milk......why sometimes?bec i don't like milk and i know how much milk is good for our body.but......

green tea with lemor,or coffe with milk)))

I love coffe, especially with milk :)

I love fruit juices. They taste great and are good for you! 

Beer, coffee, whisky, rum, natural juice, tea, more coffee, fruit drink, more coffee... oh yes! capuccino and amarula! 

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