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what is your favorite series ?? and why ??



I have so many, but actually it is Game of Thrones , I read the books and it is just amazing .Great history , the serie has incredible landscapes,good actors. I recommend you to watch it. Also the walking dead , I love zombies :D

Game of thrones is AMMMMMMMMMMazing i watched the second episode of the third season befoer i see ur comment, but the walking dead is bad, it's scary the hell of out me.

i love revenge though .It's great series. 

Dark Angel, Prison Break, 24... When interesting plots, great actors and very talented directors come together the result is something to remember for years. I am more into movies recently due to time constarints.. But still I will love to find and watch interesting series. I haven't checked Game of Thrones yet but because you both recommend it I will try to find and watch it.

The Vampire Diaries,it's all time my favourite,specially the damon with the ability to compel girls i wish i would have that :)

The Big bang theory :)




Dexter, he is very dangerous. 

the big bang theory because they make me laugh a lot

Currently my favorite series is The Walking Dead!




I enjoy it. They exploit the gimmick without overdoing it, and the lead actor (whose name I forget) has the charisma to pull it off.


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