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Are you satisfied with your living city

When I was a child I lived in farm with my family.Fresh air,nourishing food,many little buddy.....all these made me happy and always looking forward to the next day coming.As the time past,I yieled for different life of myself,if that its  the most younger people desired lifestyle?Now I settled down in a medium city of China,convenient traffic,that i can travel anyplaces where I want.The big libraries which contened my desire of reading and such so many advantaged facilities,but now these are not delight me anymore.I don't know from when,all kinds of problem of water quality,food security,air pollutions and etc are thretening our health,which are our basic needs of life.I miss the place i was born and raised.



I love my hometown in the south of China.Now I am living in Tianjin,the pollution is quiet serious.Also,I don't like the weather here.The annoying winds,the bad atmosphere,and so on!

I live in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It's a big city with lots of population. It has heavy traffic jams and we spend hours on commute. The weather is often polluted, because of aggregation of factories around the city and also the bad quality of gas. But in comparison with some other cities, it has some good facilities. such as good hospitals, good universities, good job opportunities and ... . Although it has some disadvantages, I myself prefer to live in Tehran, because it's more progressive than other cities.

I love my hometown.. Davao City, Philippines. It is a simple city yet everything you need is there. The people are nice and it is a safe place. I want to grow old here in my hometown but of course we don't hold the future so I'm open in living in other place as well.

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