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my life is dull

i feel pressured recently.

it was not well at my work.

i would like to travel and learn my english.

I did many ways to find many friends of all the world on Internet.

but some of them are not good guy. Too bad

it's coolig in Taiwan . what a nice dday !!Enjoy it! 




Have a nice day!

U have the same feelings to me today. Do not worry, everything will be ok.

Nice to be ur friend! :)

If you don't have a family what prevets just start do what you want?

If you already have you need very big count of money for your dream, I think.


Hi! Many people around the world feels the same way as you. I think you could find some very nice people to befriend here on italki!


It is very possible for you to travel and learn English, keep a positive mind and do your research. Good luck!

Like everyone is saying, you're not alone!


I honestly hate my job. Soon, I hope to find something I enjoy doing, even if it means making less money. If you only live once, what's the point of spending most of your time doing something that makes you unhappy. That's absurd. 


As for italki, some people are good and some aren't. You just have to keep trying and you'll make some good friends here. Don't worry!

same thing her

i'm here if u want to have a friend and i'm nice looooooooooooool

a really want to have more girl friends

all what i have now are boys

Then make your life colorful

There are many reason to be bored.

It might be a mental status; if you will able to find the source

you'll also will be able to solve although it could be not easy indeed.

If you can, change, it would be better or at least try to do it,

The world if filled of people bored and alone who often they don't know neither the why.


I have the feeling that I'm stuck in an aimlessly circle in my region, like many others. Mainly because of the bad economic situation and the lack of offers youngster (few-experienced, newly-graduated) like me get.

On the other side, I'm still studying and looking forward to my graduation. With that degree I'll be better prepared to explore other places in the world. Learning new languages will help me too.


So my main focus is: Degree + Languages = ready to explore (plus add enough self-confidence to that:) )

thanks all guys

i will find a best way to relax my life.

i have many friends and my sweet family,so im not alone.

hope i could find some good friends on italki and make progress my english . :)

have a good day

Sometimes life is hard, we have to face these situations in which we may feel fear but don't be pressure and don't feel sad about what happened.

By the way, I think that Italki is a good place to start learning English also for meeting new people and do friends :P






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