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Hello everyone...In the last days, i was thinking , between a lot of methods to improve my english , to read a book in english....I am searching a simple book and not complicated....
Anyone Have any idea about it?





I've read Elmerad Crown,one of Sherlock Holms was easy and I found it interesting...its good book to read I think..

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. It's simple and riveting, and was made into a wonderful film by Steven Spielberg.

When I studied Starter of English I tried to read English updated version of book about Pinnokio. I could understand this book,but I have known this book in Russian very well. When I studied Elementary English I tried to read English magazins, but in this period I couldn't understand them because I studied English very hard and I had lots of English informations in my head. After third English courses and after some times I started to understand different articles in the internet, but I am not sure that I understand them exactly.
My husband learnt English at school and he started to read professional book in English at the university and he had a very big motivation for this actions because he wanted to write project of diploma. For the first time he read very hard and it was very difficult, but after 15 years of reading in English he has now a very big vocabulary and he can read English books very easy.
In Russia was one metod of learning English: If you know your favorite book of English autor in your native language you can start to read this book in English. You can understand this book for the first time in general, but after some times you will start to understand the book exactly ,and you will learn the vocabulary from this book. You can find also this book as audiobook and listen to it for listening of English.

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