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How do you define vulnerability and what makes you vulnerable?

In your personal opinion how do you define vulnerability and what makes you vulnerable?


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Illness makes me vulnerable, physiologically.



Vulnerability can be physical, emotional or psychological.  Its when you are not adequately protected in one of these areas and at risk of being harmed in some way by someone or something else.

 You can choose to make yourself vulnerable to someone by trusting them and this can either be a good thing if they are trustworthy and if they are reciprocating, or it can be bad thing if you have chosen to trust the wrong person.  The wrong person being, someone who takes advantage of your vulneralbility, instead of feeling honored that you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to them and respecting that.

what makes me vulnerable is that i lost every person that i love and care about

and what make it harder that i'm thinking about them every second of every single day.

my mother passed away when i was 5 years old and when i was 18 i lost my father and my best sister.

loneliness and feeling unappreciated are the worst. i can't trust  and love anyone anymore.





Falling in love.


I remembered that I felt vulnerable throughout my pregnancy. I felt very vulnerable because I had no possibility to defend myself if somebody decide to attack me for whatever reason. And, after the birth of my daughter, when she was a real newborn baby, I have got the same feeling sometimes.


What a question -- wow.  I liked what a few people said above.  It is an interesting question because the drive to thrive and survive is so strong these days, but I think people need a space to be vulnerable, to stay soft enough to make "surviving and thriving" worth the trouble...

I am quite agree that "fall in love" makes me me crazy and make me tearing...but I can do nothing to change that because my feeling has already completely depended on other person, like Werther..

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