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I'm teaching you german if you teach me spanish.

Hey,I'm a total beginner in spanish but I want to learn it. si I'm looking for people from argentina who teach me spanish and I will teach you german:)



I'm interested in learning German but I'm from Spain. I don't know if you are still interested.

I can't teach you completely Spanish because, I'm not a teacher but, I can practice with you and correct in your skills, I can tell you tips and ways to learn. I'm not learning German but if you know a little of Eglish... Yes! that is what I need! English! :D

hi... add me in Skype and i can talk everything you want in spanish ... ok

Skype: cambiatvfox

I would like to help you with your Spanish skype ID: Carlos Fernando Vazquez

I can help you with Spanish.  I can't speak German, but it's possible to speak in English.

Hi Larissa,


What about English, Frensh or Arabic, we can halp each other i hope.

Let me know

I speak native spanish, also i want to learn german, we can learn together   miguel.itcm


Hi! Well, I can't speak German, but it's possible to speak in English and  can help you with Spanish, maybe we can be a pen pal



Skype: richard.ruiz0

Native Spanish Speaker and Fluent in English

Hallo Larissa!

Ich komme aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien. Ich lerne und spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch. Ich bin ein Graphik Designer und ein Lehrer. Ich unterrichte Design in der Universität.

Ich interessiere mich für Kunst, Design und ein bisschen Philosophie.


I also speak in English. See you!



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