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Two children are enough. More than two is...

What is correct:

"Two children are enough. More than two is too many." or 

"Two children are enough. More than two is too much."




Thank you Elena, but problem is that in this case the subject is "More than two". Is it countable or not?

i think 4 will be vere good

2boys and 2girles 

whate's about you ?? 

You think 2 are enough ??


i'm sorry 

I have read incorrectly

So sorry

"Too many" is correct. You wouldn't say "I have too much children." 

No problem, Omar.

Thank you for your explanation, thatrobertguy!

Although, I am still confused by the fact that the verb "to be" is in the singular here. Should it be in the plural in the case we use "many", shouldn't it?

I think both of them are correct. It depends what do you want to say? If you mean two is enough as a number and don't want to another child you should use "many"; but if you mean two is enough as a responsibility, for to good education and good raise, you should use "much". But what ever you mean, two children are not enough both as a number or a responsitibility. We need more than two children, I think it must be at least six:).

Thank you, makdis57, I like this thought. I would like to hear from professional teachers, but they somehow ignore the topic. As for me, one child is too much.

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