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Where are you from? [Practice English introduction]

Where are you from?


Can you tell us some things about your city?






My name is Gaetano and I come from Italy. I was born in NAPLES...Do you know this place?

What Can i tell you about italy? Well Italy is a wonderful place....we have museums , theatres , churches very old, monuments that are visited by people come from different country.....
In particular in the South of Italy we have beachs stunning and waters clear...And the thing whose i go proud is the cousine....that is appreciate on the world.

Hi @gaetano,


A couple of mistakes - mostly grammar.


This is probably more informal, but using many periods is uncommon in proper English writing.


Also, we rarely use "come from", we use the verb "to be", the correct phrase would be, "I am from Italy." 

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