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Your favorite childhood memory. [English - past tense practice]

Tell us about your favorite childhood memory.

Describe how old you were, the atmosphere (scenery) and describe the situation.


Why is this memory your favorite?



My favorite childhood memory is eating ice cream with my dad every Friday after school.


I remember when we waited the new year with my family. I am not sure, but I think I was 5 or 6 years old. What was exciting, it was that we were allowed to stay awake later than usual. That mean that the night has fallen and we still playing. As it was the eve of the new year, we were allowed to make music. It was a magic night.

welcome happy new year. can wear new coat.

One of my best childhood memories is ;One day i was in the street and for got my playin tools in my house so i asked one of my friends some of him, Then i started to play with my friend's tools and i bet all of my competetors and took all of their tools hhhh . it was amazing to me as i started with nothing but ultimately i gained them,



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