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why a learn english ?(traning)

hello all,

is my frist discussion on this italki. i learn to english and i no use a web or book for written


excuse me for a bad words or a wrong phrases, im really bad....


i practise english for a travel at australia and works this. i have one years for practise and learning  english, and i go to australia for travel at Working Holididays Visa (WHV)

i love a australia,they are a beach, sun, noman's land for visit and a good pepole "No worries attitud mentality", i love this


and u all, why u learn a english???



hello all,

This is my first discussion on this italki. I'm learning to speak English and I'm not using the a web or book for written writing.

Excuse me for a bad words or a wrong phrases, im really bad.... Please excuse any wrong words or phrases, I'm still learning... 

I'm practicing English for my travels at to Australia and works this??. I have one years for to practise and learn English, and then I go to Australia for travel at with a Working Holididaysholiday Visa (WHV).
I love a Australia;they are a there's the beaches, the sun, noman's land for visits and a good pepole people with a "No worries attitude/mentality"... I love this!
and to you all, why do you learn a English???

Thank u Romaine for a correction

(i think) I translate French for build English phrases, or not

You're welcome :) you're doing really well - considering how French my name is you'd think I could speak the language! I wish I could speak French as well as you speak English! :)

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