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What is your favorite way to learn a new language?Why

through language to talk with the people, listening and reading



Learning its letters and sounds then save some words after that understand its grammers finally learn speaking it and watching movies is the best way for me to learn speaking in that language.

the previous way is better that just saving some letters and some sentences that are said in some situations. because you will build your language on a strong structure of knowledge of grammers phenologies morphologies..etc

good luck .

A good way, but what is the reason that makes you learn a language that is not your language

everyone have his/her own reason to learn a language.
for me, it helps me in my study as i am studying english materials also i would like to be able to interconnect with others from other countries with different culture when i travel to their countries.
also i am planning to visit Canda and Turkeya afetr my graduation.


Very good, but what do you think of this video and his way of learning:

creative way.. i hope there was a full series of videos like that one,

hello, my favourite way is using books in the first of learning and after learning the basis, using books and also try to speak with native speakers.

Speaking with people face-to-face. The best way is doing funny or interesting things. I also like watching or reading content I do like. 

I think the best way to learn a new language is to take a class, and go to the institution. I went to one of the well-known English institution when I was a universsity student. After learning all English grammars, I started to learn more by myself. All I do now is expand and improve my vocabularies. Unfortunately I can't see any video on YouTube. This site is filtered in Iran.

Very beautiful.for each and every one of us his favorite way, but what do you think video and his way of learning help to learn or not

the opinion video for a very smart way to learn language:)

learning a new language, you should have interest in it, if just want to communicate with others, the vedio is a better way, the everyday words, no exact grammer and the atmosphere you can use it.

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