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What games did you play growing up?

I'm curious...what types of games did you grow up playing as a kid? Board games, sports, etc...


I know where I'm from (US), we played basketball, handball, dodgeball, manhunt, Hide & go seek, freeze tag, red light red light 123, simon says...girls liked hopscotch and double dutch (jump rope) was a lot of fun when we had a block party! (they close the whole street for you to play in, and the fire hydrant too, although I think the fire hydrant thing is illegal now haha). Actual games we played included...Monopoly, Uno, Trouble, Dominoes, Chutes & Ladders, Twister, Trouble, Sorry, etc...Sega Genesis was big, and so was the Super NES...oh yeah, and I can't forget about the arcades! Or all the parks that let you play in sprinklers or climb on monkey bars...


These are things I've taken for granted but...what did you do to pass the time as a kid?



And we played a game called "12 sticks." For this game you need about 5 players, when less players the game will not be interesting, one brick, one short board and 12 average pencil-size sticks, which can be collected in the park or you can find a long stick and break it down into 12 parts. The board is placed onto the brick at an angle, so that one end lies on the ground. Then you put 12 sticks onto the lower end. The first "It" is chosen by lot. Then someone jumps onto the upper end of the board trying to scatter the sticks around as far as possible from each other, and while the player who is "it" is collecting sticks, other players conceal themselves in the environment.
After the player designated as "it" has collected all the sticks and put them onto the board, only then he is allowed to start searching for other players. His mission is to see one of the hiders and "tag" him. This means, as soon as he saw the hiding player he should run back to the board to jump on its upper end. The sticks scatter all over the place and from this point the found player becomes "It". And the game goes on.
But if the found player runs faster than the "it" he can get to base first and do the same thing again, that is jump to the board making "it" collect the sticks again.
Again, while the "it" is wandering on one side of the base, one of the players hiding on the other side, waiting until the "it" goes away from the base to a safe distance, can jump out of his hiding place, run to base and jump on the board again. And the "it" will have to come back again and collect the sticks. This is really cool!

I'm from Colombia. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed playing basketball, volleyball, Chinese checkers, a Dominoes, a game called "parqués" (I don't know what would be English translation). I liked to ride on my bicycle, Spanish deck, Chess, Hopscotch, a play with a ball called "Hide and seek". We were going to walk in the countryside with our family and we swam in the river on weekends.

I was a beautiful time. I won't never forget my childhood.


Mainly basketball.  I grew up in a small town, where sports were basically all we had to do.



I from Brazil, I grow up playing soccer (but I was never good), Hide & go seek,and some games with marbles. The best time during my adolescence was playing Capoeira.


And of course, the  super NES.


I used to play hide & seek, dodgeball and hopscotch. That is a nice question you made. You made me remember my childhood, thanks!

Seems like everyone plays hide & seek...Wow Robert you played Capoeira as a kid? I wish they played like that in the U.S., I would be a master by now! I'm interested how it feels to be a child today? I see so many in the U.S. nowadays walking around with cell phones and ipods, and spending most of their time online or playing video games (which is why the children out here are getting fatter and fatter). Even though many people look down on them, or think they are up to no good, I know that the kids that are spending time exploring the world around them, riding their bikes, and getting into random adventures are having the most fun...

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