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What is a trial session??


What is a trial session??

"Trial sessions were created to give teachers the opportunity to offer a shorter and cheaper rate introduction to potential paying students.


Each teacher can decide whether or not to offer trial sessions. Trial sessions are 30 minutes, and are generally offered at a very reasonable rate.

Some teachers will teach a 30 minute class, whereas other teachers will use the time to get to the know the student and his or her goals.


The goal of trial sessions is to help a paying student find a suitable teacher for them.

Trial session requirements for students:

1. Students must have italki Credits (ITC) in their account to request a trial session.

2. Each student may only participate in a maximum of five trial sessions.

3. Students may only have 1 trial session per teacher.

These policies were introduced to reduce the number of students that are NOT serious about taking sessions."





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