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6 days in London! I need help planning an itinerary!!!!

So this month I'm traveling alone to London. I wonder if anybody out there has any suggestions for planning a London itinerary? I've never been to England and want to get the most out of my trip...spending couple of days in London but also taking a few day trips here and there (Stone Henge, Oxford, Bath... Any other suggestions?) if possible to squeeze in some more of England! I also would like to go somewhere to countryside. 

Any advice planning at least a few days of sight-seeing so I'm not running all over the place but hitting things that are close to each other?



If you go to Stonehenge, you will be in the countryside! It's in the middle of nowhere. Are you sure you want to go to Stonehenge though? It is a whole day trip from London, and there really isn't much there to see, apart from the henge obviously. If you like ancient history though, it's a must-see! It depends on your interests.


6 days isn't long, but I would definitely recommend Oxford or Cambridge for day trip, especially if the weather is good. Bath is worth a visit too. If you make three day trips though outside London, that won't leave much time for London itself. The British Museum is a must see - you can go twice on different days, rather than doing it all in one day. It's free, so you can do that! The National Gallery is great too. Then there are the usual sights like Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London. And you can't miss the English pubs! Apart from that, it depends on what you like. There are so many things to do in London, you could spend a year here and still not see everything. So, what are you interested in?

Thank you for your interest, James :)

Well, I'm really interested in ancient history, as well as the history of the Middle Ages. The Stonehenge is a real must-see for me, to feel the "spirit of place" if you like, though, of course, I saw it in the pics a million times. But I don't know what is better: whether to take some guided bus tour or to travel there by myself?
They offer day tours like Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath or Windsor, Oxford and Stonehenge, or Bath, Windsor and Stonehenge so that you get to Stonehenge at sunset, it would be fascinating I guess :)
Of course, I'd like to visit the museums, Buckingham Palace and House of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, St. Paul's catedral and all that stuff. Actually, I'm thinking about taking that HO HO bus on my first day, will it save my time?
Pubs? Oh, yeah, sure! And take a walk in some park!
But I also love art & music, so I would love to go to some rock concert. Especially if it is held at the Royal Albert Hall. But looked at the program, unfortunately, didn't find anything interesting for me. Any ideas about what can be interesting to listen to? I'm arriving on April 19, leaving for Russia on April 26 early in the a.m.
I understand that it is never possible to see everything in London, as in any large city, I guess.
But in general, I'm much more interested in provincial England, I want to see how do actually live average people. I come from a small town and, sincerely, I do not like megacities.

And any suggestions on where to eat? I mostly eat fish. I'm staying in an apartment, so I can, of course, do the cooking myself, but It takes time and I would like to try how do they prepare fish in London as well.

And the last: where in London I can get a good cup of coffee?


I am in Liverpool at the moment (this is my first trip to the UK) and just wanted to add that I think all the Picaddilly Circus + Westminster sites can be done in one day (Westminister Abbey, the Tower, Buckingham Palace) ... the London subway system is INSANE!!!  1) It's complicated - I wish I had mapped out my trip before I tried to get from A to B, and 2) hardly anyone near the tourist parts of London is actually *from* London so getting help from locals is hard because everyone I talked to was visiting from somewhere else.  I'm not a fan of megacities, either and London definitely has all the hustle and bustle of a big city.  About Stonehenge, I had a friend with a car who stopped at Stonehenge on the way from Heathrow to her home.  It was only a 30 minutes drive and there is a little tour you can do with earphones and an audio guide.  It had a powerful sense of place so I think it's worth doing ifyou're at all interested in historical spots.  In that area, you can soak up the countryside, too -- there is a huge sheep farm across the road from Stonehenge, for example.It's windy up there, though, so if it's a day trip -- bring a hat and a coat.  Good coffee is everywhere :-)  Safe and happy travels!~ 

Thanks a lot, mondaytuesday! Very useful! And what is Liverpool like? Is it worth visiting?

Your first day here I would go to The Tower of London 10:00hrs Then walk to Tower bridge then take a boat ride to Greenwich. Then go to Greenwich park There is a museum there. Then take the boat back and get off at Westminster. Then take the train to South Kensington and go to the Museums there. And go for food in Earl's Court much cheaper. As you know there is so much to see and do here. In London today we have a liittle rain. I hope you have a nice time here))

I think you need a one year to see everywhere in UK and probably London:). I advise you to take subway to all travelling in London. If you buy a one week oyster card including district 6 which can be so expensive then stop important places that you want to see and you travell all day starting 6 Am untill 24 PM might be see and visit a lot of places in UK. But you only can see somewhere in this kind of travelling, unfortunately you cannot live and feel there. You must use train for travelling outside of London. Because your time is limited and trains are so fast.  If you buy your tickets in advance, it can be very cheap. I can arrange you an itinerary in London if you want. First day, you can take Ho Ho Bus in London for to see something about city. Second day, you can go to Brighton at 6 AM and come back to London 1PM; it takes one hour and four hour is enouhg to see this city. In the afternoon, you can do sightseeing or some visiting in London. Third day, go to Cambridge and return to London. Fourth day, go to Oxford and return to London. London has a lot of museums, parks are worth to see. Fifth day, you can go Bath or York. I think it will take one day. Sixth day, you can go to Edinburg and you can came back after midnight. Seventh day, you can leave from London feeling very tired yourself and thinking their days was so few and you should come to London again for a month. 

If you're interested in history, then London is a great place to visit. I majored in history and I can tell you that if you know where to look, London has history on every corner!


I would say it would be a good idea to combine Stonehenge with another trip, perhaps to Bath. I think it is very hard to go to Stonehenge by yourself without a car (like I said, it is in the middle of nowhere), so the best thing would be to go there on an organised trip. Avebury is also nearby, another neolithic henge monument. Perhaps you can find an organised trip that will take you to both?


Like I said in my previous post, the British Museum is a must for histroy buffs! I go there regularly, and I never get tired of it. Best to go on a weekday for fewer crowds. And the pub just opposite the museum, called the Museum Tavern, is a good place to have a drink once the museum has left you with tired legs and tired mind (just watch your bags).


Sorry, but I have no idea what the Ho Ho bus is! I find the best way to get around London is the Tube. I would recommend you get a one day travel card for the Tube every day. It's not cheap but if you make a couple of trips per day it will be worth it.


The Royal Albert Hall is not a rock music venue. If you want rock, then you should check out places like the Brixton Academy and Hammersmith Apollo, but I have no idea what they have on when you will be here. It's also worth remembering that we have an amazing theatre scene in London (the West End).




If you like fish, there are plenty of places to eat, but dining in London is not cheap. Of course, you can find cheap fish and chips everywhere, but I don't think that's what you're looking for, right?

And coffee? That's everywhere too! Whether you like the big chains or small independent coffee shops, you'll never have a problem finding a good cup of coffee in London!


Would agree with many of the recommendations the others have given.  Some years since I visited London but there is certainly lots to see!  The Hop On Bus is a great way to see everything, would also recommend walking parts of teh route as you can see lots then, for example you can walk through the park between stops-depends on the weather of course :)

Covent Garden was always nice for sitting drinking coffee and watching the street entertainers and general people watching. 

One of my favourite trips was visiting Kew Gardens, we took a boat down the river and itr was very relaxing and a good way to see lots of sights as you headed down to the Gardens which were loveley for walking around.  It made a plesant change from the indoor walking at the Museums.  For indoors the Planetarium was also an interesting visit.

Would recommend a visit to the theatre one evening, there are lots of shows to choose from.  I think there is also a place where you can obtain last minute and cheap tickets, perhaps one of the locals can help with that?

Cambridge is well worth a visit, if it is nice and you have the time take a trip on teh river with a guide punting, it's a great way to hear the history and to see Cambridge.  It is a trip I have never forgotten.

Have a wonderful time.

Hello everybody! Thanks a lot for your advises, I've had some problems with this site, so I've got your posts from 13.04 just today. By the way, did anybody have such a problem here?

I admit that even with all the help, I still feel overwhelmed by London's massive amount of options...


So, I've got two conflicting advices on transport: the first one was from GLYN on buying 

"a one week oyster card including district 6" and the second one from James on getting "a one day travel card for the Tube every day".

Now I feel a bit in a fog about what to do, what would be better in my case?


As regards fish, I just want to have fresh grilled fish, no matter what kind it is. What do you mean under "cheap fish", James?


Regarding theaters, Gillian, I would certainly like to visit one of them, but I'm afraid my English is not good enough yet to do it. But I'm going to visit the Shakespeare's Globe for certain.

And what do you mean under Covent Garden, the whole district or some special part of it?

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