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What you normally do when you are sad?

generally most of people when they are sad they don't speak whith any one but this is not a solution
you must talk to someone who trust to him.. and don't leave sadness owns your self because when
you talk to someone you will feel good if he comforting you be Positive




"When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead, true story."

good thinking :)

when i am sad i will go to my room and see myself on mirror and then i will tell myself why i am crying?

my eyes is very nice then i shouldn't cry

after that i won't cry haha

or another way ;when you are sad about something it's better to sleep and forget it

yes hadis

  something like that :)


run friend, go swimming, go walking, do something.

yes Arosh


just don't be alone 

put myself together and move on

 yes sheryfa 


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