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What places in the world would you like to visit?

I would like to visit Australia because I have seen on tv beautiful places such as Uluru (the big monolitic rock) I am fascinated about kangaroos, Koala and Australian birds.


I would like to visit Africa because I want to see Lions, Elephants, Rhinoceros, etc.


Tell me about beautiful places. 





Once I saw a picture on internet called "The end of the world", since then that's my dream.

I would like to visit Egypt - there are lot of historical landmarks, rich culture and traditions. And of course Israel - this country sounds fascinating.  Hopefully....

I want to visit:

1. Japan - great culture, temples, shrines, cuisine....

2. Scotland and Ireland - fascinating landscapes, old castles...

3. Italy - Rome, Vatican, amazing architecture, arts...

I wish my dreams will come true



South America

      I would like to visit Italy.because, it has historical biulding.also,it has many of sightseening.And,this is my dream from, i was eight years old. 

Hi Osvaldo I am curious about what you said before, where is "The end of the world", Is there a real place? or you are talking about a place like that picture you saw. thanks for writing. have a nice day

Hi Atoy, you look like a good friend of mine whose name is Jhon, but he is Colombian like me, Egypt is very nice a female friend went to egypt and she said that is a wonderful place she enjoyed taking pictures and visited the pyramids, they were great. Israel is a nice place I would like to go there too, that's one of my dreams to visit the empty tomb, getsemani, dead sea, Wailing Wall. thanks for writing. have a nice day.

Hi, Nadya ohh Japan I love that culture, I have read a lot of mangas and I have seen a lot of animes, I would like to visit there too. Italy sounds nice and Scotland and Ireland too. I hope you will reach your dreams very soon. thanks for writing here. Have a nice day.

Hi Gaetano I am from South America, I am Colombian but I have only visited a little of my country, unfortunately I have never traveled abroad but what I have known of my country was very awesome, places such as San Andres Islands, Medellin, A big monolithic Rock in a city named Guatape, But I have seen on tv beautiful places here in South America and even inside of my country Colombia. I hope you can visit South America very soon, I think you will enjoy so much. thanks for writing here have a nice day. 

Hi Noor, I hope you can visit Italy very soon. thanks for writing here. have a nice day.

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