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Advantages and dis advantages of learning a foreign language

Just discuss about this together. After work, I`ll tell you my opinions.



Hi Jenny


Well now i am improving my english language and i think that in this work i find only advantages....This language is not complicated, its grammar is very i would like to learn another language, for example Spanish, but i don't have the time for do it.



i only know the advantages, the advantages learn foreign language is train our brain. we learn something new words that brain always working.

  There are a lot of adventages of a foreign language.

   I learnt English at college. From then on, I watched English movies without translation, read English magazines, talked to foregn people in English. So I began to love English. I wanted to study another foreign language. So I stared to learn Japanese. But I failed. Because I don`t kow why Japanese is too difficult for me. Everybody Mongolians find Japanese very easy except me.

   Now I want to learn another language, maybe French, Russian or Arabic.

   I think there is also a small disadventage of learning a foreign languade. It is that when you use speak many kinds languages, you may be confused. I can speak three languags, Mongolian, Chinese and English. My mother tongue is Mongolian. When I give English lessons to Chinese students, I am always confused. Sometimes I speak Mongolian unconsciously. So the Chinese students are confused, too. 

Learning foreign languageas have a lot of advantages such as connecting , meeting and sharing many people. I think learning foreing languages have no disadvantages ...

In fact, there are no disadvantages of learning foreign languages, on the contrary, it makes us improve our skills and let us meet new friends

I think you only get advantages, you will learn more about songs, movies, and cultural information, It reminds me at the time when I was a child and I was learning Spanish, I was eager to chat with somebody Constantly I asked many questions, A few time before I used to hate learning languages because I found it very difficult and I hated that English has many grammar rules, but now I am more worry about my fluency, my communication than by my mistakes. 

advantages: you can develop a self-determination; capability to converse with different people in a specific language; you gain friends and power to easily understands the langauge more than any common people have..


disadvantages: there is a 95% that you easily forgot your native language if you will immerse yourself into the focus of learning a foreign language.

My native language is TAGALOG, I know how to converse in ENGLISH; I'm currently learning Korean and spanish.
The trouble is, I nearly forgot how to respond in english and I suddenly think in Korean (thats' teh disadvantage for me.)

The advantages of learning languages are widely known and acknowledged, so I needn't mention them here.  One of the disadvantages of learning a foreign language is the incredible consumption of time that must be expended learning it, just to be able to speak it passably well.

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