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Russian/English conversations exchange on skype


I'm looking for someone who's interested in practising his/her Russian and is willing to help me with my a bit rusty spoken English. Frankly speaking, I prefer the British accent, but if you're genuinely interested in the exchange, then why not to try it out whatever your accent is.

I'd suggest to meet up on skype once or twice per week and have 30min of Russian and 30min of English conversation. Please, send me a message and state the time when you're available. As I'm located in the centre of Russia, it might be difficult to find time which would suit us both during the working week unless you don't work too late.



Im know russian an now learn english,what about practise together??))


i want to learn russian and can help you in english, but do not know how, because i have to learn russian from scratch. i am not finding any one in for russian help



I'm still looking for a native English speaker to exchange conversations.


I've just started to work with an advanced textbook (New Cutting Edge). Is there anyone interested in practising together over Skype? I can send you a pdf of the book and the audio files. My timetable is quite flexible at the moment. Send me a message and we'll get in touch.

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