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how can learn grammer easily?

I like to improve grammer, and also wanna improve speaking.



Sorry, no easy way.  Grammar is just hard-ass memory.

I think you must focus first on speaking because when you study a lot of grammar rules then you will be thinking in grammar rules when you are trying to speak and you can not speak very well, I know that because I started to study with grammar rules and there is a lot of rules, but when I tried to speak, I thought: "I am going to make a mistake, How do I say that word in past?, dont forget to put s in a third person, etc." then I become angry because I could not speak fluently as I wanted. Now I am using a new method, this method is focus on Listening and speaking skills, So Right now I have improved a lot on my speaking and listening skills. Search on internet Effortless English and Follow the seven rules that he is supporting. I think this is the best and Easy method for learning English.  

Hi. I have studied grammar English for long.  Maybe if you make direct questions, I could answer some. GREETINGS

I recommend you to write a diary or an essay everyday as english, after that, put your diary or essay on 


everyone would help you ^^

The trick is to actively incorporate the new grammar points that you learn into your speech or writing. Point is to internalise and naturalise the grammar into your subconscious. Just give it lots of practice and time.

In France we have "Projet Voltaire" (Voltaire Project). You have one sentence, with or whitout an error, you need to found any error. If you make a mistake, the program tell you where you failed and what is the grammar rules related to this.


Obviously this is for french speakers, but there is any project like this for other languages ? I think you need a program like that, with a great book.


no easy way! just speak more and do diaries. corrections will help you improve your grammar lapses.


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