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English idioms

I would like to start a discussion of English idioms to help those who are struggling with English.  I will give a couple of examples and ask you to contribute.

"Kick the bucket"  means to die

"Mess up" means to make a mistake or blunder

"Water under the bridge" means that problem or situation is past and no longer a worry.




what about read between two lines?

wow, last two i heard and could understand, but kick the bucket is "to Die" is unknown.

Actually the idiom is "read between the lines" meaning to look for a hidden meaning.

I would like to give you a suggestion, If I may.

Why not you give us three examples.  I mean, three sentences where the idiom is used. That would be excellent for me. 

Your topic is interesting, thanks for your help.

It is difficult

How can you help us in English Lanuage


I agree with Mizzy, I would be grateful, if you write 3 short dialogues, using one idiom (in the middle or at the end) .only  this helps not only understand the real meaning, but also remember it and use it correctly( i mean the style: in/formal, rude/ polite and etc.)

thank you, Jerry 

Okay, I accept the challenge. 

I really "messed up" at work today.  I may be fired.

A man reads a letter and smiles and says, "She still loves me."  His friend who is listening says, "I don't think so.  You have to "read between the lines."


One guy: Have you seen Joe?  Other guy: Didn't you hear?  He kicked the bucket yesterday.


One guy:  I feel terrible about messing up.  Other guy: Don't worry about it.  It's "water under the bridge."

thanks i really like it


it is veru useful for us 


please give us more idioms 



Hello, it is me again, I have many questions about idioms, I will be answering one by one, so you can give me examples.  Tell please about "A bee in her bonnet.

A great thread! I will add to it :)


leading edge: This is a simple expression we hear often in various business and technology articles. "Our product line is getting old and behind. We need new products so we can keep our leading edge reputation!"

It means being the leader, being up at the front of the industry and ahead of the competition.


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