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italki needs your help

My name is Sam Bleakly,


I work for italki customer support and I also manage the social media here at italki.


At italki, all of us are language learners, we meet people on a daily basis from many different countries and many different regions and it's an amazing experience to be able to meet people and connect with them. We really believe that the best way to learn language is by speaking it.


I personally moved from a different country to join the italki team.  I was a user and community tutor and I loved that the site provided me a place to connect with people that I otherwise would have no ability to.  I was learning Chinese in the midwest united states.  So I wrote them an email telling them that I was about to graduate college and two months later I received an email telling me that there was a position being opened.  I bought a one way ticket out to Shanghai, hopped on a plane and haven't looked back since. I love it when I get to tell people about my experience with italki.  I light up with excitement about italki whenever I do.


In the coming years, we want to give that experience to many more people.  We want them to not only learn a language, but experience the culture of the language, travel to the language's native enviornment and have a sense of adventure when they think of italki.  And we need your help to improve, so let us know what we're doing great, and let us know what we're doing wrong.  You can email me personally at or you can reach me on skype at italkisam  


We also want you to support our community of professional teachers and tutors by taking lessons with them.  It is very important that you do this.  All of the features of the notebook, answers and discussions are financially supported, because teachers are willing to give us a portion of each session they take. So if you've learned a language and connected with a language partner with italki, give thanks by taking a lesson with a tutor or a teacher.


If you just simply can't take a lesson for whatever reason, do what you can elsewhere. Help us by recognizing users for being helpful and letting us know when they're not.  Tell others about us on facebook, on twitter, and on craigslist. Tell your friends, your family.  Spread the word that italki is the best place in the world to find a person to learn with.


We are all part of this community and we need your help to make it a better place.  :)  Connect with me on skype at italkisam or email me at



Thanks Sam, i will do this.

Hello, Sam I have seen many places like this but I think italki is the best, because It has many features that make it very useful to learn a language, I am learning english and for me the notebook is a good idea, I love that people who are native english speaker correct my mistakes and give me feedbacks.  

thanks Sam, i am a new member here. I think it is a good place for language learning. It helps me to increase my descipline by using notebook entry. I appreciate the quick response which helps to correct my writing. Pesonally, i hope that we can organize some special learning secssion, such as movie tonight or conversation workshop. We can use skype or google hangout for group discussion.I want to know the natural way people communicate .

Hello Sam, thank you for your information about you and italki. I like Italki. Because I write my comments, discussions, notebooks and find friends and teachers. You can see, I took lessons from italki teachers a lot and I'm continuing to take class. In respond to your asking I have to say one thing about italki speed. It seems very slow. Opening a new page, changing and going different page are not easy on italki. You need to wait a lot. I would like to say to improve or increase your website speeed. Anyway, thank you for doing until now. Muhammet

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