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What will you do after retirement? 退休后你们会做什么?

What will we do after retirement?

【退休后我们会做什么?tuixiu hou women hui zuo shenmo】

Many persons are still busy after retirement in China.

【在中国学多人仍然要忙碌。zai zhongguo xuduo ren renran yao manglu】

They need to take care of their old parents and help to look after grandson or granddaughter,because their son or daughter had to work all day. 

【他们需要照顾年老的父母并且帮助照看孙子或者孙女,因为他们的儿子或者女儿必须整天去工作。tamen xuyao zhaogu nianlaode fumu bingqie bangzhu zhaokan sunzi huozhe sunnv,yinwei tamende erzi huozhe nver bixu zhegtia qu gongzuo】

Then how is life after retirement there?

【那么在你们那里退休后的生活是怎样的呢?namo zai nime nali tuixiu hou de shenghuo shi zenyang de ne】




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