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what is your opinion about Internet dating?



I don't believe in Internet dating since you don't know physically that person, that is to say, you can talk and see that person by the Internet but maybe that person cans make up a personality and then when you know he/she face to face his/her way of being could be very different from the ones you knew by the Internet. You have to keep in mind that it's easier to make up something or just lie someone when you don't have the other person in front of you than when you have he/she 

dont leave a person who touched your soul more then your body

I met my own partner on the internet, so I'm not against it in the slightest. Although, its really heart breaking not being able to see them, so I would always suggest looking for someone in your local area. :)

Hi mahsa

I have had negative experiences about it.....So is better meet a new girl on the street instead to use these instruments.....

I think you can try to make friends on the internet , however, i have to remind you there are still invisible scam episodes all over the wold you need to keep vigilant . I heard several news about international scam crime. they extorted or fraud a vast amount of money from single women who like to date on the internet. 

As general , most people on the internet are friendly and kindly to make friends with you. 

I say no to internet dating boz it just a wast of time,Boz we dont get any correct responce ........


it depends on how much you know that person.people attract the person easily by only few sweet word & we started trust on him/her


It's possible to find new girl. As for me I had some experience of int. dating and it helped me to do it. We had dating off line. However our relationship didn't last long because we didn't match to each other)) Finally we broke up)

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