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Korean dramas

Hi. I recently started watching Korean Dramas. I've watched IRIS (2009) and I give it a try to IRIS 2 but I didn't like it much. I'm looking for similar korean dramas, especially action or another ones. If you know anyone targeted to men it would be great to hear about it. 



you know what..the best korean serie i have ever watched is 'boys over flowers' i really like it .


Well... you can try " The king 2 hearts " and  " City hunter " . I don't usually watch action ones . 

I mostly watch my Korean dramas on ,, You can browse the type of dramas you intrested in watching.

And for a recomandation, you should check out>>

-Queen of ambition ***(must watch)***

-I miss you ***(Must watch)***

-City Hunter

-Boys over flowers

-When a man loves

-Spy Myung Wol

-Bridal Mask





@Makarov I'm not Jorge XDDD.


I was watching City Hunter but I've standed by and I'm watching again IRIS II (I left in chapter 5).





I think u should watch:

~71(Into the fire) - There's T.O.P, a gunner in IRIS, played in this movie,too. It's pretty good

~A werewolf boy 

~The Fugitive Flan B-Runaway 


I would recommend “Time between dog and wolf (개와 늑대의 시간)”

7.18.2007 – 9.6.2007

Total 16 episodes.

The story is about revenge, spy, and love. Some people might say story is kinda cliché, but I loved it.

It’s kinda old drama, but there are many fans!

@Tee Hong Thank you, sounds interesting :). I'm going to add them to my list.

@Selene Thanks, I'll give it a try :)



If you like investigation and thriller, you can watch TEN.. This year they had produce TEN 2..

@Ronnel Thank you. I'm currently watching IRIS 2 ep 7. Then I plan to rewatch City Hunter (I watched only 4 episodes).

@Farhana Thanks. I'll add to my list.





yes the girl was right the best k-d for me is boys over flowers it's an exellent serie and yes i know he want an action serie beth anyway it's your choise :p

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