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Korean dramas

Hi. I recently started watching Korean Dramas. I've watched IRIS (2009) and I give it a try to IRIS 2 but I didn't like it much. I'm looking for similar korean dramas, especially action or another ones. If you know anyone targeted to men it would be great to hear about it. 




Level 7 Civil Servent, Iris II, The Great Seer, Nine Time Travels.



you know what..the best korean serie i have ever watched is 'boys over flowers' i really like it .


Well... you can try " The king 2 hearts " and  " City hunter " . I don't usually watch action ones . 

I mostly watch my Korean dramas on ,, You can browse the type of dramas you intrested in watching.

And for a recomandation, you should check out>>

-Queen of ambition ***(must watch)***

-I miss you ***(Must watch)***

-City Hunter

-Boys over flowers

-When a man loves

-Spy Myung Wol

-Bridal Mask






Haha, come on ladies... Jorge said he wants to watch Korean dramas tailored for men, not women.  But I bet he has soft heart deep inside, so secretly he's going to watch all those Korean dramas based on love instead :)

@Makarov I'm not Jorge XDDD.


I was watching City Hunter but I've standed by and I'm watching again IRIS II (I left in chapter 5).





I think u should watch:

~71(Into the fire) - There's T.O.P, a gunner in IRIS, played in this movie,too. It's pretty good

~A werewolf boy 

~The Fugitive Flan B-Runaway 


I would recommend “Time between dog and wolf (개와 늑대의 시간)”

7.18.2007 – 9.6.2007

Total 16 episodes.

The story is about revenge, spy, and love. Some people might say story is kinda cliché, but I loved it.

It’s kinda old drama, but there are many fans!

@Tee Hong Thank you, sounds interesting :). I'm going to add them to my list.

@Selene Thanks, I'll give it a try :)



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